Are you lacking in confidence ?
Hacking-Schooling-Cantering-Open spaces-Lunging-Handling-Loading..or in life in general ?

Then this course is designed for YOU .... together we can make it happen for you to start living and enjoying your horse and building a partnership. 

Being able to do this course on line with me personally as a 121 means you can tackle things in your own time and in total privacy from the world around you.


                           Think - Feel - Ride 6 week course
Designed as an online course with me personally each week for 6 weeks incorprating homework with handling or and ridden exercises to do.... we can also assess video footage of you with your horse, ridden or handling to ensure the correct advice and guidence is given.

Designed to give you the tools to work though fear and stop allowing FEAR from taking away your enjoyment and your confidence.

THINK - FEEL - RIDE Perfect Partnership course, over the course of the 6 weeks we will be looking at all different aspects of our Fears and there reality, looking at ways to work through them and understand them more deeply, along with building awareness of what is actually happening in the moment and the tools to deal with it as it is. we will also look at how we interact with our horse and the messages we are sending them compared to the messages we think we are sending them. connecting all the dots together between our Thinking, how we feel our thinking and respond, and how we ultimatly then Ride or handle our horses.

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