Think - Feel - Ride


The relationship between our thinking, our ability to understand our thinking and where it is coming from, is fundamental to our ability to communicate effectively with the horse. When we combine these areas together we are able to achieve things way beyond our thinking and what we ever thought possible. 

The concept for me of Think-Feel-Ride has come about after years of working in the Equestrian industry combined with a personal desire to find a more effective way to work with my horses and clients.

Having spent so many years watching horses and humans chase each other around, becoming confused, frustrated and miserable with horses being punished by humans and their Ego, humans being verbally bullied and attacked by other humans, who seem to think they know better and jump on to blame the uneducated human who is trying their best, and/or blaming the horse for being naughty because..

                                                        “they know what you want" …..  


I have been in dismay for so many years and still am on many occasions at how we, as apparently animal loving humans, can be so vacant in our appreciation and understanding for the fact that these noble creatures are in fact feeding our ego for us, allowing us to use them for our recreation. It seemed to me that there was only 1 winner and 1 loser in most cases and the Horse was definitely not the winner.


We often hear it said that if a horse really didn’t want to do they wouldn’t ?! Well to a degree I agree, but if we look at that closer we know that by nature horses are submissive and flight animals, so if they can’t fly then they generally submit, this doesn’t mean they are happy enjoying what they are doing, but that they have given up and just hope that one day they can make their escape. It's a bit like a long game of playing dead for them, and one day it all goes wrong because they can’t take it any longer…..

So THINK-FEEL-RIDE was created to bridge the gap between what we perceive as "Traditional and Natural" horsemanship, to create, build and develop partnership through understanding and knowledge, working through our own fear, that is such a huge contributor to things going wrong.



Understanding how our thinking creates our emotions and feelings especially FEAR and makes us belive it.....

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