Short stay equestrian confidence retreat, what can I expect?
Ridden Groundwork and non Ridden Confidence retreats

General Timetable for 2 day stay

Arrive after 16.00 settle your horse into stable or paddock, cuppa and chat relax for evening getting to know the yard, head off to settle into your local hotel/B&B and settle in..

Day 1

10.30am 1st session non ridden on confidence building and how to deal with fear.

12.30 Short ridden or groundwork session

13.15 Lunch and relax

14.30 2nd confidence building session

15.45 Ride/Groundwork session

16.45 Debrief from the day

Day 2

10.30 Ridden/Ground work session incorporating confidence and understanding work done on previous day, putting into practice.

11.30 Cuppa and discussion around morning session and see where this conversation takes us, in relation to your personal situation.

13.00 lunch

14.30 Ridden/Ground work session continuing to build on the new skills and understanding.

15.30 Debrief of the weekend and putting together and plan for moving forward and continued growth and development.

16.30 Finish and head home.

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